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Au plus proche de vos besoins et à votre écoute

Vous conseiller, concevoir des solutions intégrant vos savoir-faire.

Vous apporter une réponse globale, un accompagnement sur l’ensemble des phases d’un projet

Our services
Consulting in management, organization & project management

SAP expertise, integration and training
SAP support (TMA)


One company, values

         As close as possible to your needs and listening to you, we want to bring you support for all phases of a project: studies, scoping, drafting of specifications, mobilization of teams, management with expertise on SAP and post-implementation support for the solution.

We define ourselves as a project catalyst, which facilitates, promotes synergies and accelerates the transformation and development projects of our clients.

Our It Note team capitalizes on his experience to advise you and design solutions integrating your know-how.

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