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Our values within the It Note teams


  • Proximity

    • through personal monitoring and regular events

  • Integrity

    • behave responsibly, respectfully and transparently

  • Diversity 

    • plurality of profiles united in a team to encourage synergies

  • Fulfillment

    • regular training, development of each person's potential and career development with an individualized path

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Expertise and sharing


Expert positioning, collaborative tools,experience sharing, project capitalization…

Collaborative tools allow transparency and information sharing. They streamline and simplify exchanges between employees, with the aim ofdevelop a lasting relationship to grow together.

Our employees are also proactive in discussing their experience or training, particularly during events scheduled every month.



Time available for invest in internal projects to imagine the uses of tomorrow.


We offer bridges between our activities, training and certifications for employability and for positions with managerial responsibilities.

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personal growth andwell-being at work is a determining factor in the success of our client projects. This goes through value-added customer projects and also through afterwork, agency evenings or annual seminars.


Work/private life balance


We are attentive to every moment of the lives of our employees.We act by proposing changes to offers, teleworking, part-time, tools.

Man Sourire
Young and old talent, independent consultant,
IT Note is looking for new collaborators.

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