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Advice and support


The It Note consultants make the link between project owners and integration teams from the most upstream reflection phases to the handling of the system by the users. 

Needs study


Align business expectations with business challenges

Refine understanding of needs and finalize objectives

Define the scope of the project and project an initial schedule

Establish the macro budget of the future project

SAP integration


SAP implementation, full installation or partial implementation

Propose a methodology adapted to the context

Involve key players in each phase of the project

Mobilize the right resources at the right time

Manage results and deadlines

Core Model Deployment


Identify and analyze business gaps

Harmonize business processes

Define a standard template

Start a pilot site

Wave cutting for efficient and rapid deployment

Anchor 1

Support MOA / MOE SAP


Dual business/SAP skills

Functional expertise on SAP modules

ABAP technical expertise

Capitalization and skills transfer



Write guides, operating procedures

Assist in technology watch

Accompany users on their workstation

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